Top bloggers speak out about their …

Today I attended an informal blog meeting with Kris Hoet, Joi Ito, Tom Crampton, Dave Sifry, Nico Luma and Bob Stumpel called the Blogger Meetup at SIME08.

The main discussion was about making money from blogging which I don’t at the time but I did get a free entrance to the event. Also the future of blogging, tips, networking …

What I like most was Joi Ito who talked about internet and democaratization, as you can understand I’m a great fan of liberal views … see an old favourite of mine.

I also like to try out a new blogg style, of writing drafts …

Just added a link with translations of my blogs.


3 tankar om “Top bloggers speak out about their …

  1. @Thomas Well, there’s nothing stopping the conversation from continuing even after the event? 🙂

    I was the guy with the camera to the front left in the room, pushing a bit on the issue of compensation (monetary or not) in relation to credability. Hope you don’t mind the disagreement too badly, but I think I dare say your professional background in journalism shone clearly, probably you could have a few bones to pick with Christian Rudolf of or Nicolai Wadström 🙂

    Anyway, immensely enjoyed the event, thanks for being there!


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