Math-club talk with founder of Music Search

As you might have read in about me, last year I teamed up with musican Roni Brunn and launged a stockholm branch of her LA based math-club.

This last sunday they had thier latest meeting with co founder Music Search, INC Luke Barrington a UCSD Ph.D. Unfortunate I was unable to attend but I just recived this great note from Roni about our rock star speaker,
I’ve put the slides online at my webpage:
You can also find a link here to the UCSD Computer Audition Lab page where you can find all the info and papers about our work and even download some data to try your own algorithms out.
Finally, the game that we played last, Herd It, is in beta on Facebook. Please have a go and test your musical knowledge against the world. At the same time, you’ll be helping improve the minds of the music machines.

Unfortuantely there is no video online from this talk but we would like very much to get online videos for future events or at least an interview with this speaker, but until then enjoy an older talk from math-club about Futurama and Simpsons.

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